Tips on Hosting a Holiday Party

‘Tis the season for family, friends, and festivities! Surely you have many holiday parties to hit within the next few weeks. Or, maybe you are the lucky one who gets to host this year. Whether you’re having your friends over for a gathering, or you’re hosting family at your house for the holidays, check out these tips for hosting a holiday party.

Make Your Budget

First thing’s first: make a budget for the holiday party. As hosts, we all want to throw an extravagant party with endless hors d’oeuvres. However, your party will still meet and exceed expectations when a little budgeting is in place. Additionally, your guests know that hosting can be a tough job! For the month of December, cut back out going out for lunch or buying that latte. You’ll appreciate it later when you have a few extra bucks in your pocket to host the ultimate holiday party!

Make the Guest List

When deciding who to invite to your party, don’t feel as if you have to have an over the top, 100 person party. That can get expensive, and crowded! Invite a bunch of your closest friends, or if it’s on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve, stick with family and maybe close friends. More people means less space, more food, and beverages, and can get to be stressful for a host. Make sure you know who’s coming so things don’t get to be too much to handle!

Stock Up

The best host is always prepared. Stock up on sodas and other beverages, as well as snack foods. Keeping extra crackers and nuts is always a good idea because they can be easily used for a party snack! That way, you can easily throw together an appetizer to set out when the time comes. When the party rolls around, you’ll already have something started!

Make it a Potluck

Everyone loves a good potluck! Everyone brings an appetizer, dessert or some sort of side dish. To make it easy, have everyone bring a side dish and you can focus on the main course. This way, you don’t have to be in the kitchen all day! Or, keep it as a snack-based party. Finger foods also make for a fun party snack.

Deck the Halls

It’s not a holiday party without the decorations! If you don’t have a ton of space or don’t have decorations in your budget, there are plenty of cheap and easy ways to decorate your apartment for the holidays. String white lights, or make your own decorations. Additionally, only focus on areas where a lot of people will be, like the living room! For more tips on decorating your apartment for the holidays, visit our blog here.

Set the Mood

Last but not least, make your guests comfortable and welcome with a cozy holiday vibe. Light scented candles to fill the air with a holiday scent of cinnamon or pine. Make a playlist of holiday tunes you want to play in the background. Additionally, have some game ideas if you want to entertain the group. There’s nothing better than a party game! The jolly environment will get everyone into the holiday spirit.

Hosting a holiday party can be exciting, and when planned well, it can be a breeze. Plan ahead, decorate and pick out some holiday tunes for the perfect holiday party!

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