Tips for Working Out at Home

It can be difficult to gather motivation to go to the gym. It’s even more difficult to find the motivation to workout at home! With gyms closing their doors indefinitely, many of us have had to readjust our workout routines. Many obstacles like lack of equipment and guidance can hold us back from our full potential. However, with apps, workout equipment, and virtual workout classes, there are many ways you can successfully workout at home. If you’re having trouble getting into the swing of things, we have compiled some tips for working out at home!

Online Classes

One reason it can be difficult to workout at home, is the lack of instruction. If you’re the type of person who needs to be in a group class led by an instructor, it can be hard to know where to start. However, many gyms have created live or recorded instruction for the glasses that they typically offer. If you don’t belong to a gym, you can also find many different guided workout videos on YouTube. Additionally, you can stick to classes that don’t require any equipment. Adjust your workouts to whatever supplies you have available, and with the virtual instruction you will always know what to do next. This will help you achieve a more satisfying workout!

Get an App

If you don’t necessarily need the instruction, but just want different workout ideas, there are plenty of helpful workout apps that can give you workout inspiration. For instance, the Seven app offers high-intensity seven-minute workouts that use barely any equipment. This app is perfect if you don’t want to spend a lot of time working out! If you enjoy running, the Nike Run Club app uses Headspace mindfulness teachers to coach you through timed or distance runs. Another useful app is the Peloton app! Although its name is often associated with priciness, they are offering a 90-day free trial and is typically $12.99/month. You’ll have access to thousands of classes from running, to yoga and strength training. An app is an easy way to participate in guided workouts!

At Home Workout Equipment

While we often think that we need a treadmill or a stationary bike to get a good workout, there are many other types of workout equipment, without the cost. For instance, TRX bands can be hung anywhere and when used, can give you a full body workout. Additionally, they have an app with guided workouts! Resistance bands are another low-cost piece of equipment that can be used to work many different muscle groups. Other cost-effective and useful workout equipment include jump ropes, core sliders, dumbbells, and ankle weights. You don’t need an expensive piece of machinery to have an effective workout! Spice up your at home workouts and purchase some new equipment.

How to Stay Motivated

A gym environment offers you a motivational feeling, from the people and trainers around you to the surroundings of equipment. Obviously, you don’t achieve this kind of environment when you’re working out at home. How can you stay motivated? Find a small space in your home, even if it’s just a corner, where you set up your workout space. Get in your workout outfit that you would typically wear to the gym. Additionally, if you know that you need guidance, try a workout app or a guided video! Blast your gym tunes, and start your workout. Keep in mind, since you are not in your typical workout environment, it is totally normal to not feel as motivated as you normally would. Work with what you have, and do what you can! Celebrate the small victories.

With all the technology we have in place today, we have access to fitness instructors at our fingertips. We also have easy access to low-cost workout equipment, should you want to incorporate it into your workouts. While it is unfortunate that gyms are closed, these tips can make working out at home seem more achievable! Learn more about the importance of exercise in our blog HERE.

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