Pumpkin Carving Ideas

‘Tis the season of pumpkins! Halloween is quickly approaching, and you know what that means–pumpkin carving! Although pumpkin spice lattes are all the rage, let’s not forget about all of the other activities pumpkins can be used for. Have you carved a pumpkin yet this Halloween season? For some inspiration, check out these pumpkin carving ideas!

Polka-Dot Pumpkin

Tired of seeing the same old pumpkin carving ideas each year? This cute polka-dot pumpkin by Good Housekeeping allows for a unique piece of decor! Simply draw where you want to make holes with a pen or pencil, and use a drill to make holes. Purchase battery operated lights to project a fun pattern of shadows from the pumpkin. Ta-da! Now you have a cute spin on the usual front porch pumpkin.

Image from Good Housekeeping

Mummy Pumpkin

For this fun craft, purchase a white pumpkin for full effect! This unique idea from Woman’s Day involves scooping out the pumpkin seeds and then carving the pumpkin horizontally all the way around. Separate each piece, and stack them in a mismatched order, and resecure them with toothpicks! Two beans create the eyeballs for this cute Mummy pumpkin.

Image from Woman’s Day

Plant People Pumpkins

For those who want to showcase their plants on the front porch still, try these Plant People Pumpkins! Another great idea from Woman’s Day, simply choose a short and stout pumpkin and hollow it out. Create whatever face you want and carve that as well! Afterward, place the plant in its pot inside the pumpkin, and it looks just like hair!

Image from Woman’s Day

Pumpkin Candy Dispenser

Leaving candy on the porch for Halloween this year, or simply want a creative way to display treats in your home? This Pumpkin Candy Dispenser from Country Living is a fun and festive way to hold sweet treats. Simply trace the bottom of a bowl on the pumpkin, cut it and empty it out. Put your candy of choice inside, and wrap a decorative rope around the opening for an extra touch.

Image from Country Living

No-Carve Pumpkin People

Don’t have time for the mess of pumpkin carving this year, but still want to get in the spirit? Try Pretty Providence’s idea of No-Carve Pumpkin People! Purchase accessories of choice, whether they’re glasses, hats, a bow, or anything else you can think of! Get creative, and simply dress up your pumpkins to create a fun greeting for trick-or-treaters.

Image from Pretty Providence

With these unique pumpkin carving ideas, there’s plenty to choose from if you’re looking for a fun way to switch up the traditional jack-o-lantern. Head to the pumpkin patch, pick the perfect one, and decorate!

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