How to Successfully Work from Home

June 25th is National Work from Home Day! This holiday is very timely, as many of us have already been doing so for the past couple of months. However, getting used to working from home may take a while! Going from being just across the hall from coworkers to being a phone call away can make a world of difference. Additionally, working at the kitchen table instead of at your desk in the office can be an intense change of environment. Learn how to successfully work from home with just a few tips.

Set Up Your Workspace

The kitchen table might be your new desk. Or perhaps, you have some space for a desk in your bedroom. The reality is, many people don’t plan to have a home office and must work with what they have. However, it’s important to have a space dedicated to your work so you can be in the right mindset and stay focused. When choosing where to work from home, ensure that it is an area with natural light and enough space to work. Once it becomes time to work, you know that this is the place you will go. This will help you to create a more structured environment and schedule.

Get Ready for Work

It’s tempting to stay in your pajamas all day for work when you have nowhere to go. It’s also tempting to sleep in until you have about 10 minutes to head out to the kitchen to start the workday. However, getting up a little earlier and getting dressed will put you in the right headspace to tackle the day! While you don’t need to be business casual by any means, you should definitely change out of PJs to make yourself feel more presentable and confident for work. Eat a filling breakfast, get dressed, and head to work.

Limit Distractions

When you work where you live and live where you work, it is easy to get distracted. Perhaps you want to throw in a load of laundry, or the kids want to play. Working from home is a change for all! That’s why it’s important to set boundaries and limit distractions. If you feel the need to do chores around the house, allow yourself 15 minute breaks throughout the day to get random tasks done. Not only will this allow you to take a short break from work, but it will help you to feel more productive. Additionally, be sure to set up some ground rules for family members. Let them know that at certain blocks of the day you’re unavailable and must focus on work. Of course, on your breaks you can hangout with the kids!

Set Structured Work Hours

Another difficult part of working from home is knowing when to shut the computer. It’s easy to open up your laptop around 9 pm and reply to some emails. However, a work-life balance is incredibly important. While you can definitely check up on work items after the hours of 9 am to 5 pm, you also deserve a break! Limit after-hours work to urgent tasks so that you can keep that work-life balance even when working from home.

Stay in Contact with Coworkers

Another key factor in successfully working from home is communication with coworkers. This communication does not only have to be work-related, but you can also call for the social aspect! If you have a question, pick up the phone and call. This is a simple way to stay on top of tasks, while also getting some social interaction in. Don’t let anything fall through the cracks–stay in close contact with coworkers so you all can still collaborate from afar.

With the right tools and the right set up, you can successfully work from home. Designate your workspace and work hours, and don’t be afraid to chat with your coworkers! Working from home is not an easy task for anyone, and you’re all in this together.

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