How to Make the Most of Limited Apartment Storage

Accessories are a wardrobe’s best friend, but keeping all of your stuff under control in a small space—and in the midst of a busy lifestyle—can be a bit of a challenge. Here are a few fun and apartment-friendly ways to keep all your accessories organized, easy to sort through and find what you’re looking for, and even put them out on display to show off your style! Even with limited apartment storage.

Unique Furniture

Use vintage furniture as a showcase. A beautiful china or curio cabinet can make a great display case for any collection, including jewelry pieces, shoes, handbags and more. Check out local thrift stores until you find just the right piece to fit your style; then fill it with a well-organized display of your prettiest things. They’ll stay within sight and reach, plus, if your cabinet has doors, they’ll stay relatively dust free!

Also, choosing what to wear in the morning will feel a little like shopping in an upscale boutique stocked with your very own favorite things! (Tip: if you’re storing shoes, be sure they’re clean and dry before you put them away to keep the space from acquiring the—shall we say—distinctive smell of a shoe cabinet.)

Glass or Plastic Containers

Keep pretty things under glass. This one works best for things that won’t get tangled up, and it’s yet another use for those ubiquitous mason jars—fill them with loose odds and ends like barrettes and other hair accessories, lipsticks, eye pencils, make-up brushes, watches, etc. Clear glass apothecary jars or vases are another great option for glass storage, and groupings of various shapes and sizes make for a lovely dresser-top or on-the-shelf display.

Trays & Tackle Boxes

Store inexpensive jewelry in ice trays, craft containers, and tackle boxes. If you’re like me, you have a jewelry box for your best pieces; but your inexpensive, day-to-day costume jewelry ends up everywhere else. The little compartment trays that crafters use to store beads are perfect solutions for earrings, rings, pins, and other small jewelry pieces, as are ice trays laid in a shallow drawer. Multi-layered tackle boxes are another great option for storing pieces of all shapes and sizes.

Hanging Displays

Create a hanging display. No need to hide your collection of beautiful scarves and wraps away in a closet … hang individual coat hooks (or mounted ones) on a door or along a wall and hang your scarves where you can easily see and choose what you’d like to wear. Towel racks strung with s” hooks is another great way to store and display scarves, necklaces, and other things that hang. (Tip: You might be tempted to hang handbags, but make sure you’re not putting too much weight on one point of the handle or you’ll end up with a V-shaped kink. Wider, u-shaped hangers are best for hanging handbags when it comes to maintaining their shape.)

Make your accessories pretty as a picture. Looking for a great way to show off all your shades? Hang two rows of wire (with enough space between them to accommodate a hanging pair of eyeglasses) across a picture frame. The frame can be empty or backed with fabric or paper that coordinates with your room décor). Hook your closed glasses on the wire. Frames filled with little hooks are great for necklaces, bracelets, watches, brooches and other small hang-able items; and frames backed with mesh wire or “chicken wire” are perfect for hanging earrings.

Baskets & Bowls

Get creative! Baskets and bowls of similar themes, shapes or colors make great accent elements for your room’s décor while also serving as storage space. Small figurines and even larger statuary can make for fun display storage, as well … like a mannequin arm for stacking bracelets, or a statuary bust with necklaces or scarves hanging around its neck or a tall figurine serving as a post for your watches.

Get your stuff organized and easy to find, keep your apartment tidy and your space even more liveable, and have fun displaying some of the coolest stuff you own!

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