4 Tips on Gardening Without a Yard

Do you have goals of starting a garden, but feel discouraged without a backyard to grow it in? Not to worry! Believe it or not, there are many ways you can start a garden from the comfort of your balcony or patio. What better time to start a new hobby than now? Check out our tips for gardening without a yard to transform your balcony into a lush, green escape.

Decide What You Want to Grow

Before you begin your home garden, you’ll want to decide what it is you want to grow. Perhaps it will be a variety of vegetables so that you can add some fresh produce into your diet. Or, maybe you will choose a variety of flowers or tropical plants to fill your space. No matter what you choose, be sure that your space fits the needs of your plants. Be sure that you get the right amount of sunlight depending on what kind of plants you choose, as well as plants that grow well in the Charlottesville client.

Grow Your Garden Up

An easy way to save space while gardening on a balcony or patio is gardening up! Use tall planters to make space for any more planters you may want to use. Additionally, you could even turn this into a weekend project and build your own gardening planters. For instance, you could build a trellis to create plenty of space for gardening, while saving space on your balcony. Or, you could purchase plant holders that hang over your balcony. There are plenty of ways to utilize your space, without making it seem too cluttered.

Take Things Inside

While we often think of gardening as an outdoor activity, there are many plants you can grow inside. This makes gardening without a yard seem more achievable! Small plants like herbs can grow inside as long as they’re next to a window. Additionally, there are many creative ways to incorporate plants around your apartment. Perhaps you can invest in plant hangers and transform your space into a natural oasis, or place small succulents around your home on desks and tables. There are plenty of small, easy to manage plants that you can grow inside your apartment, resulting in a natural pop of color.

Stay On Top of Caring for Plants

While gardening doesn’t need to be a huge time commitment everyday, your plants will likely require daily attention. Be sure to understand the watering requirements of all the plants you chose to grow, and stick to it! If you let it slide for a little too long, your plants could die, resulting in more work for you in the long run. Additionally, consider how many plants you have and the amount of water you need, since you will likely be carrying it from inside your apartment to the balcony. Each day, check on your plants and do some weeding to keep your garden in tip top shape.

Don’t be afraid of gardening without a yard! If you want to grow your own vegetables or beautiful flowers, you don’t need a backyard to do so. Utilizing your space and taking into consideration the Charlottesville climate, you are able to achieve a beautiful garden from the comfort of your balcony. Not only will you enjoy fresh vegetables or colorful flowers, but it will add to the overall feel of your space, making it natural and relaxing. If you’re ready to begin gardening, read our blog Best Places to Buy Plants in Charlottesville.

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